All our items are made from solid materials and manufactured by carpenters (not robots or machines). Our products do not come in flat packed boxes and require little to no assembly at all. None of our products can be taken apart once built by our skilled team as this is one of our key ingredients to giving you solid furniture that will last a very long time.
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      • Zebra plant in 14cm cement pot

      • R230.00 inc. VAT
      • All our plants have already been repotted with good quality potting soil and fertilizer. Aphelandra squarrosa, known more commonly as Zebra plant, is a tropical plant originally from Brazil. Typically grown indoors, it's lauded for its unique dark leaves that are striped with white veins, as well as its colorful flowers. When in bloom (which usually happens in late summer or early…
    Estimated completion date 2023/07/05