We’re here to help you

We have compiled these guidelines to ensure a smooth and effortless delivery, for both our delivery team and for you. Making sure your new items will fit prior to ordering them, will eliminate possible hiccups during delivery.

Please note that this is only a guideline and Hand Made by Fynbossie cannot be held liable if furniture does not fit through doorways, or in its designated space etc.

First things first, do you have enough space for your new Fynbossie furniture to fit through doorways, entrances etc.?

Measure the space through your doorway by taking the measuring tape from the inside of the doorframe, across to the inside of the door when it is on its widest open. Also take your doorknob or handle into consideration as this also limits space. If your doors can be removed prior to delivery, this will greatly benefit the delivery process and limit any possible damage due to space limitations.

Stairs (very important for beds)
Measure the width of your stairway, from handrail to handrail, or post. Also measure the height from the top of the bottom step, to the ceiling. If your stairwell has a landing, make sure your landing has ample space for your furniture to fit on and around the landing, in both width and height.

Ensure that passages have enough space for your new furniture to reach its desired space, especially if there are any twists or turns. Measure the height, width and depth of your passage, making sure the shortest measurement of your furniture is less than the width of your passage.

Should a lift be required to get the furniture to its designation spot, please ensure you also measure the inside of the doors of the lift (width and height). Should your building have a service lift, please ask the building manager permission to use this as these lifts are generally larger than lifts for general use.

Remember to also measure any outside areas/doorways where needed.

It’s always best to remove any possible obstacles and furniture in the way of the delivery team, to avoid damage to items.

Secondly, make sure the items you wish to order, will fit nicely into the space you have in mind. Often we visualize something but in reality, it doesn’t work as well and then regret the purchase.

Take a measuring tape and masking tape and measure out the furniture exactly where you want it. Place the masking tape on the ground and/or wall and see if you’re happy with it, taking into account other furniture around it. if you don’t have masking tape, take straight sticks or knives (sounds weird, we know) and pack them on the floor for a layout of the item you wish to order.

If one of our standard sizes don’t quite work in your space, draw the desired size in your space with the masking tape, measure that and send it to us. We will then advise if it’s possible with the design you want and quote if possible.